House Education Committee reports out a reauthorization proposal

June 19th, in one of the fastest reauthorization mark-ups in history, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce marked-up and reported out of committee HR 5 the Student Success Act.  It was the subject of a handful of amendments.  One was in the nature of a substitute by Congressman Rokita (R-IN) which in many was was a manager's amendment.  It added the key idea that the US Secretary of Education can not promote or "coerce" the states into adopting the Common Core State Standards.  This subsitute passed.

Another substitute was offered by Ranking member George Miller (D-CA).  This was the only democratic amendment, it cited the need to focus on high need populations with focused programs.  It also cited that the Chairman's base bill and the Rokita substitute eliminated maintenance of effort from Title I, and it used the Ryan Budget numbers for the funding levels.  This substitute failed on a party line vote.

One amendment that did pass by voice was supportive of the idea of improving dual enrollment in high school and college.

An amendment to change the Title I formula to provide greater resources for rural schools was offered and withdrawn.  Of note was that there is interest in this issue, but an awareness of the fact that it would have resulted in the loss of funding for other students.

To see a list of statements and the amendments to to the House Ed & Workforce website at: